Have you ever had a space and wanted to add detail to it, but don’t know where to start? I had a customer approach us with a space above a microwave that was an eye sore. This is actually a space that can become a center piece. We had the customer send dimensions of the space so we can see what challenge we had. Ahhh, Childs play for Pearlworks….We came up with a Freestyle Design that was approved by the customer.

We mitered a panel to the shape of the opening. Then the parts are mounted to the backing plate using 23 gauge micro pinners and standard wood glue.

The wood filler is used like caulking to connect all the pieces together for a seamless look. There will be sanding necessary on all joints as well.

Primer is needed on the entire panel. This step seals the parts together onto the panel and makes it one even color so when painting there is no blotchiness.

Once Complete, we decided to add heavy duty magnets on the back of the panel so it can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

Pearlworks works closely with customers on all projects to help simplify a process that seems complicated at times! We are here to create custom designs without the custom price. In this example, We use Mouldings, Corner Elements, and our newest Center piece. We create 10-20 new parts every month. This keeps our Design team, which has over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, on the cutting edge of new technologies. Our team has building experience, so our designs not only look amazing, but we assure that our pretty pictures can actually be built! This separates us from the rest! Call Pearlworks today, 714-573-1700 for us to review your project! www.pearlworksinc.com