We now see more trends shifting in our world of architectural ornamentation. Classic is BACK! In much of the Western world, different classical architectural styles have dominated the history of architecture from the Renaissance until the second world war, though it continues to drive many architects to this day.

We see the dust settle into a classic resurgence which has been around for centuries! We at Pearlworks are excited to be on the cutting edge of this trend. We are mixing the classic with contemporary getting amazing results! Our LA and NY Designers are enthusiastic to take the shabby chic to the next level like this amazing 3D moulding concept used on a classic fireplace surround, painted in a bold RED, to POP any exciting new project!

Pearlworks continues to create new parts every month to focus on fresh new designs to peak the “New” Classical age architects and designers are demanding. We want to give our clients the NEW “Old World” look that is easy to install and easy to work with! We have taken the impossible and made it very possible…YES, we love what we do and we are thrilled about PEARLWORKS!