You can increase the value of your home, by adding architectural details. Pearlworks has thousands of options to help achieve this goal! You can renovate any room by adding light weight urethane crown mouldings. Compared to traditional trim materials, this product gives you the look and feel of authentic wood or plaster for less. Our parts come factory primed, ready for paint, gel stain, or faux finish; making it ideal for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

I have been a contractor and designer for over 30 year. In the past, I have not been a fan of foam/urethane moldings……their quality and movement once installed was a major problem.

Over the years, the manufacturers have gone to higher density foams and the movement issue has been reduced. Many of our clients who require a lot of footage for their jobs have picked foam moldings because of cost. This point is hard to argue as foam moldings are very inexpensive compared to hardwood , flex resin moldings or Plaster…..the only major down side to using foam moldings is they have no radius options for the designs. In simple terms, available only in straights. They are light weight which makes installation easier and there are many incredible designs to fit any sizes and tastes.

Some carpenters will try and use foam moldings on cabinetry or mantels, which I believe to be a mortal sin. Foam moldings are fine as long as they are up and away from anyone touching them. Their durability in areas where they can be touched or hit is very low. A sharp pencil can puncture a hole in any foam molding. As shown in the photo below, the Mantel surround looks nice, but, if anyone touches it or bangs it by accident, it is easy to damage, so we don’t recommend using this type of moulding on low areas.

We have started designing many of our projects using the foam moldings as they bring a cost effective element to the project which allows us to add more detail else ware to enhance the design. As you can see in these photos below, we combine resin Pearlworks Freestyle Design with Foam crown mouldings and it looks great. This is in the Winnie Couture Bridal shop in Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Like Winnie Couture, who makes Dreams come true on the most important day of a brides life…. Pearlworks helps clients everyday create their dream homes… us today to help make your visions come true!