Molding comes in many shapes and sizes…..there are probably more molding profiles. and shapes than anything else in architectural ornamentation.

What I want to talk about today is a classic type of molding called “cove moldings” Cove moldings are defined as a concave shape or profile while a standard crown molding has a flat or convex profile.

Crown molding are homeowners number one upgrade when they talk about installing molding in their homes.

Unfortunately, Crown moldings for the homeowner are very difficult to install as crowns require a skilled professional to install correctly. Without going into the details of cutting crowns, let us say they are not easy for the average homeowner or do it yourselfer.

Let’s talk about base board. Most homeowners and amateur carpenters can install base moldings. Without going into the details….. putting the baseboard in your chop saw and setting the blade at 45 degrees is easy to cut and install. I don’t know too many people who find this difficult.

Pearlworks has developed a crown molding called ‘Easy Crown’ it was designed for the average homeowner to install using basic woodworking tools.

Easy Crown in basic terms is a baseboard with a curve built into it. It offers a cove look and it is simple to install!

All you need to do is place the Easy Crown into the chop saw as you would a base board set the blade at 45 degrees and cut. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

All installation techniques for nailing and gluing standard crown apply to Pearlworks Easy Crown except for the cutting technique. Check out Pearlworks for more details!