Installation of Hybrid-Resin products are as easy as working with wood products. Why is that? Because all of our Hybrid Mouldings are made from Hardwood and Resin. We are the only manufacturer in the world using this blend of materials. Hybrid-Resin products are consistent in their density without the knots, warping, or cupping that make cutting wood sometimes difficult. Nailing, cutting and gluing any of our products can be performed with all STANDARD WOODWORKING TOOLS & GLUES.

- Always clean resin pieces with virgin acetone prior to any painting, this IMPORTANT step will help your paints, primers and stains adhere to the parts.

- When using PEARLWORKS resin products always use glue or adhesive for a permanent bond. Most woodworking glues and adhesives will work with resin products.

- Use only 23 gauge pneumatic nail guns when nailing PEARLWORKS resin components. Using larger nails on polyester resin will cause parts to crack or shatter. Larger nail guns can be used for superflex mouldings and on the wood portions of hybrid mouldings.

- Larger components will need to be attached with screws. When using trim head screws pre-drilling is required to prevent cracking or splitting. Pearlworks recommends using square drive trim head screws. This type of wood screw has a very small head which lessens the risk of a stress fracture. Remember always use a good adhesive when installing Pearlworks products.

- Any nail or screw holes can be filled with standard wood putty or Bondo. The use of 23 gauge nails virtually eliminates the need to fill nail holes. Any gaps, cracks or joints in resin product installations can be filled the same way as wood products with putty, caulk or our favorite automotive body filler (bondo). - All building materials expand and contract, including resin. When working with resin, cut and fit joints tightly. Make sure all joints are caulked prior to finishing. Caulking is a flexible filler that is used to hide shrinkage issues due to changing temperature and moisture conditions. is your source for all your resin architecture needs!