How Many times have you looked at Europe’s Classic Architecture and wondered how do I duplicate that look without spending a king’s ransom?

Barrel Ceilings are one of the most unusual and dynamic designs ever created from classic architecture. Because of their shape they bring a whole new dimension of uniqueness to a room or hall-way that a flat ceiling cannot.

With that said……. how do you duplicate the detailed designs when the surface has a radius? That’s the easy part! Our Pearlworks Catalog has thousands of different designs……. all which can be used along with our moldings to create unlimited looks. Because our parts are flexible they are just as easy to install on either a flat or curved surface. Your carpenter will use all standard woodworking tools and adhesives to cut and install all the parts as shown.

In the past the only way to get radius designs was to use plaster or composition material. These two materials were exclusively used by manufacturers to produce these designs. The high expense to produce plaster in a radius is very costly and time consuming, requiring precise measurements for each radius part produced. Plaster has no ability to flex…..because of this you have no room for error. Most plaster manufacturers have their own installers because it really is an art that takes years to perfect a professional installation. Plaster labor installations typically require 8 to 10 times more time along with the added expense of housing and feeding the installers if travel is required.

The other issue with plaster components is the cost of shipping and crating. Plaster is a very rigid and heavy material requiring specialized shipping crates to properly ship. Shipping and crating cost compared to flexible material is typically 50 to 60 percent higher!

The other dated material used in the past was composition or compo. It is another material that requires special installation techniques. Compo must be steamed with a steamer to release the adhesives before it can be applied to the working surface. This process of steaming sounds easy but the average carpenter will find it very time consuming and difficult to work with.

One of the nation’s largest manufacturers of compo ornamentation has switched to flexible resin just for this reason.

When you look at the accompanying photos…… all of these installations were completed in a matter of days using only two installers. The most time consuming part of the whole process is choosing what design to use from our extensive Pearlworks Catalog of stock parts.