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Classic applied detailed ceilings have been around for centuries. These beautiful ceilings traditionally were made using compo. Compo is an age old clay based material with an adhesive added to the blend. Once the compo is steamed the adhesive is released and is ready to install.

This steaming process and the detail produced by positive draft composition molds cannot compare to negative draft silicone resin molds which offer superior detail and ease of use, as seen in the photos below.

Flexible resin today dominates this type of ceiling design for many reasons.

Flexible resin components dominate because they can be cut, glued and installed using all standard wood working tools and adhesives. Composition components need to be steamed just right ….. if they are steamed to much they loose their shape and become difficult to install.

Flexible resin also has the advantage of being able to remove and replace if need be. Composition parts cannot be removed and replaced without damage once the glue sets.

Flexible resin components are much more durable than composition parts.

Depending on the manufacturer some composition parts can be very brittle. These parts always break during shipping and will need to be repaired during the installation process.

The rise in popularity of flexible resin over the years has had a profound effect on classic design…..what could not be produced in a cost effective manner just a few years ago, can now be duplicated with relative ease.

The ease and workability of resin has dropped cost down to where these types of ceilings can be used in all budget ranges.

Pearlworks offers over 4000 resin parts that have the crisp detail and durability over any composition part. We are the leader in Architectural Ornamentation. Please contact us if you have any other questions about our resin product.