April showers bring May flowers, this is such a true statement this year in California AND for the first time in many years. We are surrounded by wild flowers and green hills..............it is to say the least, breath taking and every now and then people stop on the roads to capture photos of all the beauty.

MAY is such a special month, and all over the world. It's the month where our outside world becomes alive again with all the green, fresh and the 'spread' of flower beds all over. We wake up and feel that something special is in the air, yet again.

In Scandinavia the students perform a song called "Welcome wonderful May", a tradition that is as old as time.

On May 1st Argentina, Greece, Finland, France and Germany to mention just a few celebrate their "Lab our Day".

Women's Day is celebrated in Cuba and Tanzania.

May 5th the South Korean's celebrate "Children's Day" with their families.

And Mexico celebrates Cinco De Mayo.

May 9th is "Liberation Day" in Czech Republic and Slovakia

May 17th Norwegians celebrate Constitution Day and so on.......................

Almost every day in May a country is celebrating something. So what does that tell us, that the month of May is very special to everyone.

We at Pearlworks celebrate that May is the outdoor month - with that said we'd like to show you some creations we've done with Pearlworks parts where most can be 'placed' outside whether it's to dress up a flower box or a window or add some decos to an outside door. Come celebrate Wonderful May with us........... Visit our website for more ideas www.pearlworksinc.com