Over the years, Pearlworks has taken resin production to levels never seen before. This continuous level of research and development has always been our main focus. In the last few years many of our clients were asking us to expand our line of ceiling designs. When I asked why? Clients didn’t like the existing plaster product that has been used for hundreds of years through out history….. This is what I found out.

Complaints of Plaster Ceilings:

1) Plaster ceilings are very labor intensive to install which brings cost up and that limits the clients that can afford it. Plaster companies that produce ceilings have their own installers that come out to your site to install. Depending where the job is, that could include transportation, housing, and food cost added to the installation itself. Even the smallest of jobs can be in the thousands of dollars.

Answer: Flexible resin ceilings can be installed in one tenth the time it takes to install the average plaster ceiling. Our ceilings are produced using our unique modular system. The modular system allows our ceiling to be installed quickly and easily, no need for specialty installers.

2) Plaster ceilings are very expensive to ship and breakage occurs frequently. This added cost and time to repair the damaged parts increases the installation time.

Answer: Plaster is a very brittle material with zero flexibility. Special crates need to be made in order to ship these parts. These crates add to the shipping cost. Problem is…. parts still break. Resin ceilings are far more flexible and are far more durable that can be shipped using standard less expensive boxes.

3) Plaster ceilings are limited in the type of finish to be used. I also cannot pre-finish anything before I install it.

Answer: Plaster ceilings were typically painted or gilded using gold or silver material. Resin can accept any and all finishes you can think of. Because Resin is easier to install all materials can be pre-finished before installation.

4) I have a ceiling that is curved. The cost of installing and producing anything in a radius dramatically increases the cost and lead-time to produce.

Answer: Because resin is flexible there is no added cost for both the installation and material. This is a huge savings advantage when doing radius work with resin vs. plaster.

Flexible resin ceilings over time will soon be the material of choice. As more and more people work with the material the word will spread. 20 years ago all of the major architectural companies never used resin in their production…….today they all have a resin product line. The advantages of resin are so numerous without any of the negatives associated with plaster products. Over the next few years the amount of new products being developed will make doing what we do even more exciting! Pearlworks is the leader in Architectural Ornamentation, starting in 1999, we were the first to use Resin as it relates to Architecture!