Now is the time of year, all exterior architectural buildings, houses and hotels are planning upgrades after the New Year! The exterior displays during the holidays, like the Disneyland Castle, motivates many to add architectural ornamentation to their homes and businesses. Did You know that resin can be used for Exterior Architecture applications?

When using wood or resin outside, we always recommend a UV coating for protection. However, the wood will last ONLY 1/10th of the time of a resin piece. The only reason resin needs a coating is too protect the painted finish. Since resin is non-porous, the extreme cold like Russia and hot temperatures of Miami are almost irrelevant in the resin equation. Wood will always expand and contract which cracks a finish in time and damages the overall look and stability of your project.

I always get asked by contractors if you can use resin outside? Most professionals just don’t know the enormous benefits of using resin products outside.

Composite decking and vinyl fencing has virtually taken over the market. All of these products are made from materials that are in the resin family. The obvious benefits are better durability, less maintenance, easy to install and most important less cost over the life of the project.

Resin ornamentation has all of those benefits over wood products including its flexibility which makes radius projects a snap to do. Check out this link of exterior application photos to get more ideas: Exterior Applications

Our clients not only like the ease of painting or staining our product but they love, that bugs don’t like it.

Yes, all resin ornamentation is termite proof!

If you are designing exterior entry gates, window or door surrounds, resin is both cost effective, easy to install and most importantly virtually maintenance free. Pearlworks can help create your exterior dreams!