Pearlworks has the finest custom prototype department in the country. Our team of carvers, artisans, and mold makers have produced some of the most intricate and detailed pieces in existence.

I know that is a bold statement…….take any of our custom designs and put them next to the competition and you will see there is no comparison.

Today, our blog discusses the step by step process that is involved in creating these master pieces.

Step 1

The first step in any new design is to draw it life size. Life size drawings will show the designer the balance and symmetry of the new design. At this stage it’s quite easy to make changes to the design.

Many of our clients are out of the country; we will take scans and photos of the drawings and send them to the client for their approval. In some cases we will make life size copies and send them to the client.

Step 2

Once the drawings are approved its time to start the carving process.

At this stage the overall thickness of the carving, along with how deep the levels of the carving are desired.

When this is decided one of our team members will hand select the raw wood for the carver. This time consuming process involves selecting wood that is clear and free of all knots and have a consistent grain and density which is optimal for hand carving.

Once this is done, all the edges of the wood need to be squared and cut flush to one another and readied for the gluing process. Depending on how big the blank is this process could include multiple pieces of wood that need to be glued in a special glue rack that insures proper pressure for solid glue joint.

When the blank has cured for 24 hours we will plane both sides of the blank to the desired thickness.

Step 3

When the master carver gets the blank he will take his approved hand drawing and transfer it to the wood blank.

At this step, the skill and patience of the carver is tested. The entire outside perimeter of the carving will be cut out by hand. This time consuming and detailed step will be duplicated on the inside of the design if there are open spaces to be had.

Step 4

Step 4 is where the true skill of the carver will show. At this stage the carver will start to add detail to the carving. The amount of detail can be added in stages. When we apply this process, progress photos will be sent to the client for approval.

This step is the most time consuming part of the whole process.

The 4 steps I have outlined are used to create the master carving. The next steps are what it takes to create a mold for production casting.

Once the master carving is completed it is time to prepare the carving for the mold process.

The wood carving will be hand sanded to remove all burrs and carving marks for a smooth and symmetrical finish. This important step is very critical because any imperfection in the surface will appear on the production copies of the part. If this happens….. The imperfection will need to be repaired and a new mold produced. A time consuming and expensive mistake.

Once the sanding and detailing process is complete it is now time to make the mold cases that will hold the silicone skin. This labor intensive process can be accomplished in many ways depending on the type of mold needed. A high volume production mold usually takes 10 times the amount of time to produce than a low volume under 5 units mold to make.

Once the mold cases or box is complete we mix our proprietary blend of silicone for the mold skin. Our blend of silicone has exceptional flex properties that enable our final designs to have incredible amounts of detail transfer from the master to the final production parts.

The Pearlworks Team spends many hours and multiple thousands of dollars to create these amazing detailed parts that transform any house to a home. Pearlworks can offer custom creations as well. From personal tastes, to retail stores to theme parks, we do it all!

For more information check out our website which provides many beauty photos and conceptual ideas for any project, big or small!

Our sales staff can also be reached at 714-573-1700. We look forward to working on your next project!