We offer over 3500 production pieces from the most ornate to the modern Contemporary. But what about a one off piece, like the ADVENTURE LAND Sign at the Happiest Place on Earth? Yes, that came from Pearlworks!

Pearlworks is often asked about doing custom projects. We love the challenge of a new custom wood carving project. To see a piece go from planning stages in a 2D hand drawing to a 3D master piece still fascinates us!

To Start, we ask the customer for an inspiration photo or drawing. This is an idea that they have and that they want to implement this somehow in their custom piece. This particular customer wanted to create a fireplace mantel that has an Kraken Monster engulfing a sail boat, this is the inspiration photo below:

A Kraken is a legendary sea monster of GIANT size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway, Greenland, and Iceland. This monster is perhaps the largest ever imagined by mankind. In Nordic folklore, it is said to haunt the high seas. Authors have postulated that the legend originated from sightings of giant squid that may grow to 12-15 meters, or 40 to 50 feet in length.

We review this inspiration Kraken photo in our production meeting. The first thing we noticed is the photo is more square and a fireplace stretcher is much more rectangular in shape with not a lot of height. So how do we take this inspiration and transform it to fit a long rectangle? Ahhhh, this is what we do best at Pearlworks. Our team has over 50 years experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on making the complex, simple!

We start to draw in the space we have available, in the photos below please notice that we are working toward the best way to represent what was used for our inspiration photo.

The compromise on this has become the Kraken. We will have to show the body of the Kraken under the water but his tentacles will engulf the ship. We continue to work on the drawing until we get it right!

Notice our artist got approval to add the suction cups under each tentacle to give more detail to the Kraken, although not shown in the inspiration photo.

Once all the 2D drawings have been finalized and approved, the wood carving starts. We take a block of wood that is not too hard, so it's easier for our Carver to penetrate.

We were in the midst of carving and the client wanted to add a name to the ship, β€œThe Flying Wasp.” This name comes from the historical movie, Caddy Shack. The original Flying Wasp was not nearly as impressive as the one we are carving from wood! Lol!

In the end this project took less than 4 weeks from the time the client contacted us to the time it shipped. We are the quickest in the industry! Of Course, all projects are on a case by case basis and this client was very easy to work with and she responded quickly to all questions and sent progress approvals quickly.

We are always thrilled to see the custom projects from beginning to end. You can check out our Design Services, or for the adventurous, check out the Custom Carvings on our website and contact Pearlworks for an AMAZING EXPIERIENCE! We at Pearlworks pride ourselves to make custom work affordable for all!

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