It's that time for Holiday and cheer - enjoy time off with family so dear.

Like us all AT Pearlworks, Eat and be Merry and make a conscious decision to take off those extra pounds….. Next year 2017!

A few tips to take off the holiday pounds:

Park the car further away, walk.................really?

Exercise portion don't think so, not till next year!

Go to the gym at least twice a week.............maybe next year!

No let's be serious..........United States of America has a new president, the "painful" election is over.

We can finally concentrate on cooking the turkey, and all the yummy traditional food associated with Thanksgiving and count our blessings, and celebrate with family and friends.

It's not only the turkey that gets carved, at Pearlworks we have Francisco our own carver. With a steady hand and exact precision he carves some of Pearlworks delicate ornamentations that can be used as Christmas Decorations. Pearlworks has over 3000 production parts, but we also offer custom wood carved projects for the client that needs a CUSTOM CARVING!

We wish all our patrons a wonderful Thanksgiving - and are looking forward in "serving" you either by our online store ( or pay us a visit to our Showroom in Tustin, California.