Over the last 20 years Pearlworks has put together a team of carvers, designers, and mold makers that have the ability to create what our client’s imagination can dream of.

Sometimes thousands of off the shelf parts are not enough. In some cases, clients will require a design that is unique to them. Many of our theme park clients will have very specific needs and branding requirements that our stock catalog parts can’t fill.

When this is the case, our special projects team will be called upon to fill the void. Typically custom work starts with concept drawings or ideas that are brought to Pearlworks for evaluation. From here we will suggest an action plan that will fit the client’s budget, time restraints and design suggestions.

Once an action plan is accepted we will proceed with cad drawings detailing all the design concepts with a listing of parts used, parts cost for budgeting. The cad drawings are a great way to visually see how all the parts will fit together to create the look our clients are looking for.

Proprietary parts are also a specialty of Pearlworks. Many companies have our prototype team develop a part and we will produce it just for them. Many companies such as furniture, motor home, store chains and sports companies all have specific branding components that need to be made for any number of marketing projects.


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