Pearlworks has just produced its first radius cove ceiling corner elements. Demand for a light weight, easy to install and affordable product prompted our prototype department to come up with something that would fit the bill for these requirements.

The corner elements are very unique in that they are produced in a light weight polyurethane material. Polyurethane has many advantages over plaster which directly relates to time and cost advantages our clients demand.

When you purchase a design, costs for shipping is typically overlooked. Plaster components are extremely heavy and brittle. In order to ship plaster parts, special wood crates are built to protect them from breaking during transit.

This one factor alone increases shipping cost dramatically compared to standard cardboard boxes.

Secondly shipping cost also use weight as another factor for pricing. Plaster components are typically 10 to 15 times heavier than polyurethane. This dramatic weight difference substantially increases shipping cost.

Once the parts are in your hands, installation becomes the next factor for cost. Any competent carpenter using standard woodworking tools and adhesives can install polyurethane parts. A typical four corner room will take a crew of two carpenters 1 to 3 days for the installation.

Plaster ceilings require weeks to install by specialist who only do plaster. Carpenters typically will not install plaster because the mounting and detailing of the joints is a specialty skill carpenters don’t have. Most plaster companies are either on the east coast or mid west which requires crews to fly to the job site, requiring hotel rooms and living expenses. This added cost can easily triple or more the cost of installation over standard carpenter installations.

For Example, Pearlworks Cove and Corners parts with installation for a 10’ x 12’ ceiling can go in for around $4000 to $6,000…….A plaster ceiling installed parts and labor will cost 4 to 5 times that of our ceiling or $20,000-$30,000 the Pearlworks savings is EPIC!

Today these issues are a thing of the past and this new line has opened up an incredible look at a very affordable price and an ease of installation that has never been seen before.