This weekend during all the magic of Easter Bunnies and Easter Egg hunts; that is the time to evaluate your Exterior Architectural Upgrades. Look around….resin is quickly taking the place of wood for Exteriors. Vinyl and resin siding, decking material, shutters, just to name a few. The benefits of resin over wood for exteriors is many:

• Resin never rots!
• Termites hate resin!
• Resin is non-porous!
• Flexible Resin creates an easy radius!
• Resin does not warp!
• Resin handles extreme head and cold weather!

What is resin? Generally it is a viscous (liquid or semi liquid) substance that reacts to certain conditions (usually heat) or another substance (aka a hardener). The reaction is polymerization, which is the formation of long molecular chains transforming the substance into a solid with adhesive properties during the transitioning.

Superglue, fiberglass bonding compounds and 2 part epoxy glues are all examples of resins. There are a lot of exterior resin parts made by injecting resin into a mold and then polymerizing it into a hardened form.

Pearlworks has a proprietary blend of resin that has taken years to formulate the right balance of flexibility and stability to offer a superior Architectural Ornamentation product. We have revolutionized our industry by creating Columns, Capitals and Bases seen since the beginning of time in stone…we make them in resin so they will last forever! Likewise, all the casings around the windows and doors have been created using resin. This photo was taken 10 years after installation and the Architectural Ornamentation looks like NEW!

As you can see we have used resin on exterior gates, using resin rosettes, clavos or decos to create the look of the old world but using the modern technologies of resin.

The uses of Resin on exteriors will only increase as the technologies continue to improve. Pearlworks is at the cutting edge of changes and we are always creating new parts for interior and exterior uses. Check out our website for endless ideas: