The End of Summer is upon us! Time to break out your sweaters and your favorite painting pants for your Do It Yourself Projects!

At Pearlworks we say - be yourself be innovative - be creative especially when it comes to your own 'castle' - your home.

We NOW have over 20,000 NEW parts on our website, home improvements details ranging from $0.95 cents up to several hundred dollars depending on how much you need and want to improve and spend. Check out our new Millwork Collection and Decor Collection

End of summer time laying in bed - we are thinking "CEILINGS" what can you do to improve that white plain ceiling? We are thinking "CHAPLIN" - and all the different variations of this stylish ceiling, you can even come up with your own.

To make your ceiling even more 'interesting' you can add - we are thinking - "MEDALLIONS" and a radiant chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

When the outside daylight is turning in to evening darkness, you need some dim light while laying in bed...........we are thinking "SCONCES" - elegant and fun. This feature can set a warm tone to any room!

While having your choice of food on the barbeque and having your choice of drink in your glass - we are thinking - Pearlworks Architectural details to improve either your interior space or your exterior 'play area'.

We wish you a happy End of Summer celebrating with your family, friends and fur legged family.

We are also looking forward to hear from you to discuss any projects you may have in mind.