This New Year, 2017, is the time to spruce up any living space using a Freestyle Design Concept. Freestyle Designs are a new innovative system for anyone who needs to create a custom look for any size living space. Freestyle Designs have been used throughout history, in the White House and many historical palaces, churches, hotels and mansions throughout the world. Pearlworks Classic architectural ornamentation now has a name for this exciting innovation…..Freestyle Designs!

We have been helping designers, contractors, architects, cabinet builders and homeowners create unique and beautiful designs custom fit for their customers. What does this mean in the real world and how does it work?

A typical scenario…… a customer will have an area where they want some sort of architectural detail. Many of our custom designs are for odd areas such as range hoods in kitchens…..or open areas such as rectangles, squares or any odd shape that you can imagine.

Let’s say you have a 36 inch by 20 inch open area that needs to be addressed. What typically happens, everyone will look in catalogs trying to find a design that fits their dimensions. More times than not what ever design element you are looking for it is either to short or to long and the design becomes a compromise. Not anymore!

Well……those days are over! All you need to do is send in the measurements of your area and Pearlworks will create multiple design options from the thousands of stock parts in their catalog. What you get back is a CAD drawing showing all part numbers and how they fit together along with installation instructions for your installer all in one package.

We handle any sizes big or small. From Ceilings and Wall Panels to small areas just to dress up a powder room. Pearlworks offers a CUSTOM look without the CUSTOM price! Check out our New website for more details:

We invite you to Freestyle with us!