It's another early morning at Pearlworks in Tustin - sunny California. I just 'encountered' her again - in the corner of my eye the black semi large shadow of Pebbles.

The Pearlworks mascot - she was our beloved cool - loner dog - she didn't care about Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Olympics in Rio or the craziness going on between Clinton and Trump or if San Diego Chargers win or lose.

All she cared about was coming to work - hang with her pack throughout the day and then go home. Even if it's been almost 4 years since she left us - she still visits.

A few months back - there was a lot of noise in the attic - sounding like running/play and shaking of the roof fans. We were all baffled by the noise - and when we ran up to the attic the noise stopped as suddenly as it had appeared.

Pebbles Pebbles silly doggie we shouted 'is that you' - the rest of the day it was quiet.

Another time - Armando was laying floor in our mega large Pearlworks showroom - it was roughly around 5ish and he was tired and reflecting about the day when he heard a 'tripping' sound on the stairs 10' away from him. He looks up and sees nothing but the tripping is still very apparent. Like dog paws running up the stairs ahh Pebbles!

He left in a instant and was shaken by the incident and after that day he would never work alone again after hours.

We are happy Pebbles ghost is with us on occasion.