In the past many carpenters were under the assumption that if you had a cabinet made of Maple wood you needed to use ornamentation made of maple wood. How wrong is that???

To this day I get calls every day where customers have ordered custom carvings in various species of wood to match their cabinets. This is not only expensive but time consuming. In today’s day and age of advanced finishing technique it makes the old methods completely unnecessary.

For centuries wood workers have used carvings made of materials not based on the type of wood they used to build the cabinet.

Composition or compo carved details has been used for centuries all over the world. Today modern flex resins dominate the market for their superior workability and cost. In the late 90s very few manufacturers of wood and compo components had a resin line……..jump forward to 2017 and all the major manufacturers have a resin line!

The cabinet pictured was built using natural wood, MDF, and resin carvings….all tied together with a great stained finish.

The simple techniques we use start with a primer coat to produce an even color over the entire piece being stained. From here we apply any oil or water base stain over the top coat of primer. The primer coat seals the pores of the wood so that the stain goes on evenly without any unwanted variation in color. Now seal the entire cabinet with a clear top coat and you’re done.

Here is the beauty of the whole system!……if you don’t like the color you simply can wipe the stain away as it does not get into the pores of the wood…..the stain just sits on top. Oil base stains clean up with paint thinner and water base stains clean up with water. How easy is that?

For finishing techniques we used on this cabinet look at our finishing video on our web site: