As we reflect on Earth Day, April 22, 2017, we recognize how small the world has become and how important the conservation of the world’s precious gifts are! Earth Day started in the 1970’s and represents support for environmental protection.

Pearlworks flex material destroys no trees making the world beautiful and creating amazing architectural ornamentation! With technology moving at the speed of light….Pearlworks produces all its designs in the U.S.A and sells on the other side of the world in Moscow Russia, 6000 miles away, thanks to our distributor, Piterra, who is represented in all of Europe. Piterra

This year at Moscow Build Show, Piterra has created a Freestyle Design using the Pearlworks parts and combined it with a mirror design. It shows how the old world meets the new world chic! Who wouldn’t love having this amazing piece of art added to their vanity?

The booth at the Moscow Build not only shows how easily a freestyle design can be used, but also the details of how the Pearlworks parts are more crisp in their carving styles than any other company in the marketplace today. That is why Europe scrambles to install these pieces in their homes and businesses.

Other details at the Moscow Build Show bring together many aspects of the Pearlworks style by using coffered ceilings, amazing corbel, column and base combinations. Their vignette uses the super-flex material in an arch with friezes, panels, corner elements and as always our signature lion Keystone!

Pearlworks will continue to dominate on a global level. The technologies only makes working across the world easier. The only limitation is your imagination!