It was "feel the Bern" a while back.............we at Pearlworks say 'feel the wave". We have a new contemporary wall panel, in 3 different sizes.

You can make what you want out of this panel - if you like more space in between - go for it - if you want less space - go for it - if you want a totally innovative 'you-create-custom piece - go for it.

This wall panel can cover your whole wall, part of your wall, or be used as a divider.............its suitable in a bedroom, kitchen, living room even a bathroom. You can paint or stain in any color - the wilder the better - remember it's 'contemporary' anything goes..........

Again with Pearlworks parts the possibilities are endless and limitless - we think it's simply fantastic and the best is yet to come. Affordable!

Installation is easy and effortless - and the result - priceless.