Many customers think that blemish free wood is the best!  Personally, I think the more knots and variation in the wood gives it a more natural and beautiful Old World look.


But……..that is just my opinion as a wood worker for over 40 years.  Most of our clients think the other way. If that is the case I will show you the easiest way to repair knots.


Automotive bondo or body filler is the most economical and easy to use material on the market today. It is a two part catalyzed material that has been around for decades with great success.


When I am ready to mix the body filler I just follow the directions listed on the container. I only mix what I can apply in a couple of minutes as body filler cures rather quickly which makes it excellent for quick turn around time.


 I always apply more filler than is needed in the knot……. as the body filler cures I will use a scraper or knife to remove the bulk of the filler. Once it cures in 10 minutes or so I use 180 grit sandpaper to remove the rest. 180 grit sandpaper quickly removes the excess filler ……now I switch to 220 grit for a finer finish.



From here I use a water base primer and apply with either a brush or spray gun depending on how much I am trying to do. In most cases two coats is all that is needed.


The Primer gives a one color tone to the entire surface which makes staining easier as there is no variation is color from the get go.  Always sand all primers between coats of both the primer and top coats. Sanding helps immensely with adhesion of the next coat being applied.


As you can see from the photos I can take the worst of wood and make it as smooth as I want with just a little elbow grease!  Good Luck!